Getting Kicks Coaching Up the Junior Set


So, our team in the less-competitive, participation-oriented local instructional youth basketball rec league is 5-0. This is our third year playing in the league for 3rd and 4th graders. By “our” I mean a group of three boys, including my son, whom I have coached and who first played in the league as 2nd graders, . . . → Read More: Getting Kicks Coaching Up the Junior Set

The Seasons of Basketball

The Warriors are playing basketball that's both entertaining and unselfish.

For the last three winters — this will be the fourth — weekends have had a comforting continuity. Each Saturday — probably for an eight- to ten-week stretch — our day would take shape around a youth-league basketball game. For three straight seasons, I was fortunate to coach my son and daughter on the same . . . → Read More: The Seasons of Basketball

The Mountain Rain Event


Depending on your portal of hype, forecasts are, varyingly, calling for 2.5″, five inches or possibly eight inches of rain in the coastal mountains. People are passing along information on sandbags and there’s talk of flash floods in creeks, on roads and down watersheds.

Having lived so far through only one epic rainy season . . . → Read More: The Mountain Rain Event

The No-Panic, Joe-Panik Flip

World Series Giants Royals Baseball

Here’s the craziest part — okay, there are a lot of crazy parts — but it’s also one of the great things about baseball. Each position has its competencies. You play third base, you have to know how to charge the slow roller up the line, barehand it and make the snap side-arm, off-balance under-your-bent-over-chest . . . → Read More: The No-Panic, Joe-Panik Flip

Gilded Voices, Tin Ears

“How frustrating it must be to pitch to Pablo Sandoval,” — Tom Verducci, during game 5 of the 2014 World Series.

Only if you’re cheering for the Royals.

What a bunch of knuckleheads!

Here I’m referring to the Joe Buck-Harold Reynolds-Tom Verducci trio handling the World Series broadcast for Fox.

Buck, I think, has arrived . . . → Read More: Gilded Voices, Tin Ears

Garrettstown at Ballinspittle

My son on the 18th tee at Garrettstown Pitch & Putt.

Humble, I’m okay with humble. I like humble.

I don’t mind when the golf shop is a double wide, or the screen door slams (okay, I mind a little when it slams on my backswing), or the spartan premises of the not-so-lavishly appointed muni or daily fee golf course don’t offer logoed caps and shirts.

. . . → Read More: Garrettstown at Ballinspittle

Biomass Reduction 101


Playing “Pebble”


Played “Pebble Beach” with my nine-year-old son the other day. Well, it wasn’t big Pebble, but little Pebble and, I must write, in deference to the moguls of margin and the top brass of turf grass — the Pebble Beach Company — that if this is not the greatest value in golf it surely ranks . . . → Read More: Playing “Pebble”

Kid Wisdom

During the summer of discontent, political unrest, racial strife, international conflict, sectarian wars and worse, we thought it might be time to introduce the idea of world affairs to the dinner-table conversation list.

The nine- and ten-year-old were having none of it. They deflected, demurred, denied and declined. The attempt to raise consciousness of the . . . → Read More: Kid Wisdom

The Two-Stroke Solution

The jet-pack blower is more difficult to use (than previously imagined) but still essential.

Brush clearing, biomass reduction, defensible space or xeriscape. They’re all one in the same.

Or maybe not. Defensible space has to do with cutting back and clearing. Xeriscape is about planting and cultivation. But they both relate to the yard and, more broadly, the landscape, managing growth, and our most precious limited resource: rain and . . . → Read More: The Two-Stroke Solution

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